Polar Bear Birthday Celebrations at Yorkshire Wildlife Park!

Bonner and Hindley News

There are a bundle of Polar Bear birthday celebrations at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park over the coming week – with three birthdays.

Nobby started the present opening on Monday as he celebrated his sixth birthday. He was delighted with his gift, a marine buoy and made the most of his birthday treat at Project Polar, the ten-acre reserve he shares with three other bears. Meanwhile, Nissan will enjoy his sixth birthday on Thursday while veteran Victor will turn 21 next week.

Carnivore Team Leader Kim Wilkins said: “It is great to celebrate their birthdays and see them enjoying life in Project Polar. Nobby happily played with his new toy for hours. He seemed very taken by its unusual shape, colour and texture – and the marine buoy was strong enough to withstand the attention of a very curious and very strong polar bear!”

“Nobby and the other three are one of our star attractions and this is a great time of year to visit these beautiful Arctic creatures. They are always fascinating to watch whether it’s a birthday or not.”

The birthday celebrations came days after the first successful and busy YWP Christmas fair weekend. This weekend – 14th / 15th December – is the last chance for visitors to enjoy all the fun of the fair at YWP. The fair is comprised of over 85 magical stalls in a heated and floored marque designed to get all the family involved in some festive fun. The fair is selling everything from Christmas essentials to bespoke gifts including children’s books, toys and craft kits. Visitors can take back home yummy treats after a day of fun including pasties, cheese, pork pies, brownies, chocolates, speciality teas and coffees. There are even some specialist gin and vodka stalls, giving visitors a great option for a Christmas gift. Aiming to keep the winter chill out there are lots of delicious hot food options on offer too. The fun doesn’t stop there with the park offering visitors a chance to ride on a traditional Victorian carousel, watch the Christmas pantomime ‘Victor’ about the park’s own polar bear or enjoy live music brass bands and family entertainment in the courtyard all weekend.

“Everyone looks forward to the fairs as these weekends are truly full of fun and laughter,” said Chris White, Head of Guest Experience at the park, which is the UK’s No 1 wildlife walkthrough adventure. “It’s a great opportunity to get into the swing of Christmas, pick up some great presents and see some wonderful animals along the way.”

As well as all the festive fun, YWP offers visitors the chance to come face to face with some of the world’s most beautiful and endangered species including Lions, Amur Leopards and Tigers and many more.

The park is open daily over the Christmas holidays and New Year with the exception of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.