Yorkshire Wildlife Park is celebrating yet another addition to their growing number of resident rare Giant Otters

15th February 2024

Alexandra and Orimar’s bustling family is continuing to expand as they welcome a new pup.
YWP is now the home of the most Giant Otters in Europe!
The pup, born in November , is now regularly venturing  out to explore its new environment - giving visitors a Winter thrill. 
Whilst the weather isn’t quite warm enough to brave the outdoor lake, visitors have seen young Mateo playing with his siblings in the indoor pool through the viewing window.
Mateo has joined an already busy family: mum Alexandra has her hands full after giving birth last April. Dad Orimar and eldest sibling Bonita continue to show their collaborative efforts by looking after the youngest additions.
‘We are so excited by the expansion of our Giant Otter family,’ says Animal Director Dr Charlotte McDonald. ‘Alexandra and Orimar are fantastic parents, and the perfect reflection of Yorkshire Wildlife Park’s commitment to global conservation efforts. We hope that the birth of this pup will continue to inspire others to learn more about this precious species, and the important role that they play in the ecosystem.’
Mateo, along with the rest of the Giant Otter family, can be visited at Yorkshire Wildlife’s Park Giant Otter reserve, a purpose-built habitat consisting of a natural lake, grassy embankments and specially adapted climate controlled house.  
Giant Otters are the longest of the Otter species, reaching 1.6 metres when fully grown. Their size means Giant Otters can consume up to 4 kilograms of fish per day.
Originating from South America, the species numbers are critically low: despite reduced hunting allowing for a steady grow of species numbers, it is believed that Giant Otters have lost around 70% of their South American population range within the last decade.
The proud Otter parents, Alexandra and Orimar, are an important part of the park’s ongoing conservation efforts. YWP continues to support the conservation of endangered species of animal, such as the Giant Otter. 
The park partners closely with the Wildlife Foundation, an animal welfare charity based at YWP. The Wildlife Foundation works with around the world to improve the welfare of animals in zoos and in the wild, and to promote the conservation of wildlife in their natural habitat and in captivity.


Unfortunately since this announcement Mateo has sadly passed away after an incident while playing in the water with his siblings. We're deeply saddened by his passing. These things do happen in the wild and is part of the life cycle of the natural world.



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