🦏Najuma and Rocco🦏 have a daily set viewing time of 11:30 am but with the weather getting warmer they now have freer access to the reserve so will hopefully be visible more often.

Higher / Further Education

Take a wild educational visit to the award-winning Yorkshire Wildlife Park!

Explore Project Polar, home to the largest collection of Polar Bears in England! Engage in national curriculum-linked interactive activities and get hands-on with incredible creatures and unique artefacts.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park is the perfect fun and safe environment for your next educational expedition and our dedicated award-winning team will take the stress out of planning your trip!

Educational visits at YWP are self-guided (under 16’s must be supervised at all times), although education sessions can be booked to enhance your visit.


Education Class Outreach

Education Outreach Session

On Park Education

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Education Virtual

Online Session (Video Call)



This session will allow you to gain an insight into the world of a zoo educator and teaching outside of a school environment.

We will show you how we plan, structure, and adapt our interactive 45-minute sessions to meet the needs of our learners while trying to make a memorable experience that meets the National Curriculum objectives. A group activity will give you an understanding of how we adjust our sessions to suit each class that enters as no day is ever the same!

You will have the chance to handle our session resources such as fur, feathers, replica skulls and claws as well as handling live animals to see how we use these to enhance learning.

There will also be the chance to ask us any questions you have regarding our jobs or planning trips.

On Park Education


Find out more about Yorkshire Wildlife Park’s environmental enrichment programme and look at different examples used throughout the park.

On Park Education


Join us to find out more about enclosure design at Yorkshire Wildlife Park, with given examples.

On Park Education


Learn more about YWP’s conservation work. Session includes a presentation on the conservation projects that YWPF are involved in, breeding programs, as well as looking at items seized by HM Revenues and Customs.

On Park Education


Discover how zoos have changed over time and how Yorkshire Wildlife Park are involved in education, conservation and research.

On Park Education


Find out more about YWP and its marketing campaigns & strategies, the session includes examples of campaigns and so is perfect for coursework case studies! It is assumed that students have some background knowledge of key marketing terms if this session is booked.

On Park Education


Our award-winning park is the nation’s fastest growing wildlife attraction. This session gives students an inside look at the park right from the beginning and our mission statement up to the present day. Perfect for course work case studies!

On Park Education


An in depth look at the importance of customer service and how it is implemented at the park, the session includes a presentation and a customer needs activity.

On Park Education


This BIAZA award winning session links to many of the Gatsby Benchmarks and enables careers connections to be made across other areas in the curriculum. This session is an ideal way to support your goal of meeting the aims outlined in the governments career strategy. The session includes various activities which mean students will need to use a range of key transferable skills. As YWP is an expanding business and local employer, this session offers the perfect encounter for your students.

This session will last for 3 hours, ensuring that you still have free time to explore the park. Costs: £150 excluding admission fees. Max of 20 students. Please enquire today.

This session is only available between October and February.

On Park Education


In this session, students will gain an understanding of how breeding programmes are run in zoos and the role this has to play in conservation, with examples of breeding programmes at YWP. We will discuss how we maintain genetic diversity in zoos and why this is important. We will discuss re-introduction programmes from zoos, what’s needed for them to be successful and the challenges that come with them.

On Park Education

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