Important Update!

Takeaway food and drink are available from the Tsavo Bakehouse, iCaramba!, Masai Coffee House & Monkey Playhouse Cafe. There are also snack kiosks near Giant Anteaters, Camels, Leopards and a brand new location at the Experience Ethiopia reserves.

Outdoor seating in availible in some locations and limited indoor seating will be availible in all location from Saturday July 4th.

Safari Café will also reopen from Saturday July 4th.


Masai Coffee House

Nestled in the woodlands, Masai Coffee House is our very own slice of Africa right here in Yorkshire. Located adjacent to the Giraffe reserve, Masai Coffee House is fantastic for enjoying a cup of fair trade coffee and a quick lunch while you stop for a breather and enjoy the scenery.

Masai Coffee House is only a 5 minute walk from Into Africa, a 3 minute walk from Land of the Tiger and located right next to Leopard Heights!

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Masai Coffee House

Tsavo Bakehouse

Located in our African Tsavo lodge, Tsavo Bakehouse provides you with delicious hot & cold food including drinks and snacks!

Tsavo Bakehouse is only a 5 minute walk from Into Africa and a 3 minute walk from the Painted Dog and Baboon reserves.

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Safari Café

Safari Cafe will reopen to guests from Saturday July 4th





Add a touch of South American flavour to your day at ¡Caramba!  Located near South America Viva, experience the lush greenery of this beautiful alfresco eatery.

¡Caramba! is only a 5 minute walk from Project Polar and a 3-5 minute walk from South America Viva.

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Leopard Kiosk

Fancy a quick bite or a sweet treat? Head on over to the Kiosk near Leopard Heights to grab your quick snacks, ice creams and drinks. Open select peak dates during the summer season only.

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Monkey Playhouse

Monkey Playhouse Cafe is the perfect place to grab a quick bite to go including gourmet burgers and kids meals.

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Please note that certain items may not be availible at this time due to limited take-away menus. Refer to the individual location menu links above to cross reference currently availible menu items below.

Special Dietary Requirements Download the Allergens Information document (pdf)

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