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Real Ranger Experience

Have you ever wanted to go behind the scenes at Yorkshire Wildlife Park, learn more about the animals, and get up close and personal with some of the most incredible animals on the planet and experience what it's really like to be a ranger!

Wednesday 26th - Friday 28th June 2024

£850pp or £1,500 for 2 people

Grab your Ranger uniform and get ready for an incredible 3 day experience which will be a once in a lifetime event as you get hands on behind the scenes of each section around the park.

Throughout this experience, you'll gain exclusive access to the inner workings of our park, learning about animal behaviours, habitat conservation, and the daily efforts to protect endangered species. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and join our expert rangers as we feed, care for, and learn about some of the most incredible creatures on the planet!

During the Real Ranger Experience at Yorkshire Wildlife Park, you'll have the exclusive opportunity to go behind the scenes of our Hoofstock, Primates, Carnivore, and Aquatics sections.

Food and accommodation at Hex Wildlife Hotel provided!

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Polar Bears Up Close (David Roberts)

Day 1 - Be a Carnivore Ranger*

Introduction & guided tour of Yorkshire Wildlife Park.
Lunch in Safari Cafe Orangery.
Carnivore Section Rotation* - Get your claws into your first section with some of our incredible carnivores. Animals in this section include; Amur Leopards & Tigers, the UK's largest collection of Polar Bears, Painted Dogs, Cheetah and Lions.
Evening ice break dinner at Wild Cafe Bistro with Animal Ranger Q&A.
Overnight stay at Hex Wildlife Hotel.

Rhino (CR. Dave)

Day 2 - Morning - Be a Hoofstock Ranger*

Breakfast at Wilds Cafe Bistro.
Hoofstock Section Rotation* - Stomp into your second section with our amazing Hoofstock. Animals in this section include; Giraffe, Black Rhino, Dik Dik, Camels and Zebras!
Lunch in Safari Cafe Orangery.

2023 Amazonas 57 Dr Ywp

Day 2 - Afternoon - Be a Primates Ranger*

Primates Section Rotation* - Swing into your third section with the cheeky Primates. Animals in this section include; Baboons, Lemurs, Red Howler Monkeys, Silvery Marmosets & Golden Lion Tamarins!
Dinner at Wilds Cafe Bistro with Animal Ranger talk.
Overnight Stay at Hex Wildlife Hotel.

Sea Lion (1)

Day 3 - Be a Aquatics Ranger*

Breakfast at Wilds Cafe Bistro.
Aquatics Section Rotation* - Splash into your fourth (and sadly final) section with the playful Aquatics. Animals in this section include; Sea Lions, Giant and Smooth Coated Otters and Tapir.
Lunch at The Yorkshire Hive.

*We can guarantee you will spend time with each of the four animal sections, however the day will vary depending on your individual time table.

Age Suitability: The Real Ranger Experience is suitable for guests over the age of 18+.

Duration: 3 days.

Price: £850pp or £1,500 for 2 people sharing a twin or standard king room.

Maximum number of people: A maximum of 10 people.

Accessibility: Experience involves steps and uneven ground. Visitors with restricted mobility should call 01302 535057 to discuss individual requirements before booking. 

Availability: Wednesday 26th June - Friday 28th June only.

Accommodation: Single or double standard king size room at The Yorkshire Hive's Hex Wildlife Hotel.

Food: Food and drink is provided with breakfast and evening meals at Wilds Cafe Bisto and Lunch in the Orangery at Safari Cafe.

Clothing: Sensible footwear (closed toe) and clothing are required on the experience. We advise you to wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. We'd recommend a change of clothes for every day you're on park, plus something clean and comfy for an evening. Ranger polo shirts uniform will be provided.

Ranger Guidelines: The safety of our animals, guests and staff is the highest priority. It is essential to listen to our experienced animal team when it comes to the do's and don't around the park. Petting/touching of animals is strictly not allowed.

Content Warning: Please note, this experience will involve animal poo and blood/guts. A strong stomach is advised!

If you have any other questions about this experience, please call our Contact Centre on (01302) 535057.

Feed your appetite

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are included with this exclusive experience.
Enjoy Breakfast your way and start the day the right way at Wilds Cafe Bistro, dig into Lunch at the Safari Cafe Orangery and finally dine and unwind at the end of a busy and exciting day at Wilds Cafe Bistro.

Rest your head

Drift off in style with a single or twin standard king size room at The Yorkshire Hive's Hex Wildlife Hotel.

Get ready to be a real ranger at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

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