Important Accessibility Information

Accessibility information, about our concert events:

We want our WildLive Safari Nights concerts to be enjoyable and accessible for everyone.

Given the style of our concerts, the audience typically either stands, or sits on picnic blankets. We encourage everyone to bring the champers and hampers, along with your own portable seating / small fold-out chairs if required.

The site we use for the event is a green field – it’s a grass surface and doesn’t have any pathways. Mostly, the area is reasonably flat and even, as it’s regularly used for car parking. Nevertheless, please consider the ground conditions, and the possible impact of the changeable British weather, when deciding what facilities or equipment you wish to bring.

Our guests with mobility issues will have admission to the concert field 10 minutes before general entry.

The Wildlife Park opened a new entrance in summer 2021. It is approximately a 25 minute walk from the new main entrance and car parks, to the concert arena. Guests with mobility issues will however be able to park adjacent to the concert arena.

There will be a seated viewing area immediately in front of the stage available for wheelchair users and people with other disabilities, who need to remain seated during the show and for whom the standard viewing areas are not suitable. There is limited space in this area, and therefore we prioritise access for guests with long term disabilities. Once the area is full, we will not be able to provide access for further guests. This means that unfortunately the area is not available for guests who are able to stand or provide their own seating during the show, are pregnant, or have temporary health conditions, e.g. are using crutches / have a broken limb.

To reserve a space in this area, subject to availability, please call Yorkshire Wildlife Park 01302 535057 during opening hours to speak with a member of our contact centre team.

Due to the restricted space, guests using this viewing area may be accompanied by one other person. Proof of disability will be required to provide you with access to the viewing area.

An accessible toilet will be located close by, and there will be a large screen which will be showing close-ups of the acts as they perform.

Customers are advised that strobe and other lighting effects may be used during the performance.


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