The new residents of Lion Country will be out in their reserve every morning from 10:30am until early afternoon 🦁

What is the difference between disabled concession ticket and an accessible ticket?

Accessible Tickets - There will be a raised seated viewing area to the side of the stage (the “Accessible Area”) available for those who need to remain seated during the show and for whom the standard viewing areas are not suitable (for example. wheelchair users). There are limited tickets available for the Accessible Area, and once the Accessible Area is full, we will not be able to provide access for further guests.  Please note that if you purchase an Accessible Area ticket, you will be required to remain seated throughout the performance. To reserve a space in the Accessible Area, subject to availability, please call Yorkshire Wildlife Park 01302 535057 during opening hours to speak with a member of our contact centre team. 

Due to the limited space, guests using the Accessible Area may be accompanied by one other person only (who will also be required to remain seated throughout the performance to avoid obstructing the view for the other guests in the Accessible Area). Proof of disability will be required to provide you with access to the Accessible Area.  

An accessible toilet will be located close by, and there will be a large screen which will be showing close-ups of the acts as they perform. 

Disabled Concession Tickets - If you are disabled, you can purchase a disabled concession ticket which will allow you access to the Standard and Premium areas depending on the type of ticket you have purchased.  Please note that a disabled concession ticket does not provide you with access to the Accessible Area. To sit in the Accessible Area, you will need to purchase an Accessible Ticket.  

Proof of disability will also be required for those who purchase a disabled concession ticket.  

Customers are advised that strobe and other lighting effects may be used during the performance. 


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