The new residents of Lion Country will be out in their reserve every morning from 10:30am until early afternoon šŸ¦

Pangea - Discovery of Dinosaurs

Over 175 million years ago, the Super-Continent known as Pangea began to break apart, beginningĀ the end of the age of Dinosaurs! Or so we thought...

Walk among pre-historic giants

Explore Yorkshire Wildlife Park's newest reserve and explore the WILDEST Dinosaur park in Yorkshire. Explore the 5 unique lands of Pangea and spot some of the largest and most terrifying species to ever roam the Earth...

This immersive, pre-historic dinosaur experience is home to over 30 life-sized moving ROARING dinosaurs! From the terrifying T-Rex to the villainous Velociraptors, you will find everyone's favourite Jurassic characters in the heart of Doncaster!

This epic area is included with Yorkshire Wildlife Park entry so you can enjoy a truly T-rrific day out!

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Discover the lands of Pangea

If you dare...

Your journey begins at the heart of the deep, dense forest of the Gondwana region. Fearlessly explore the tropical undergrowth of the rainforest and cautiously explore the cave lands.

As you emerge from the undergrowth of Gondwana the ground becomes dry and cracked and you enter the perilous region of Rift Valley.
In this harsh terrain, not many survive besides the strongest of the apex predators. The Rift Valley is where you will meet the StegosaurusĀ 

Embark on the steep climb into the perilous heights of Cathaysia Mountains. Where you will come face to face with Spinosaurus which gets its name from the Greek Thorn Lizard. The sail on its back is a defining feature of this creature.

As you leave the mountainous regions of Cathaysia and head down into the final land of Pangea and the mysterious murky waters of the Gondwana Swamp..... here you will meet the Allosaurus one of the largest Jurassic beasts who are endemic to North America and Portugal.Ā 

Pangea - Discovery of Dinosaurs is located within Yorkshire Wildlife Park so is included in your membership or as part of your admission ticketĀ