Bear Necessities Outreach Session

Our Bear Necessities Outreach Sessions are a fantastic way of bringing the Yorkshire Wildlife Park learning experience to your school! With two packages to choose from, you save on the cost of coaches and our education team visit you in our YWP “Nissan Leaf” electric car, delivering a hands on, interactive learning experience!

What’s involved?

Linking with YWP’s project polar and the only polar bears in England! Our Bear Necessities Outreach Session will teach your students about polar bears through a range of hands on, interactive games and activities.

Students will learn about the polar bears at YWP, adaptations, their arctic habitat, threats they face in the wild and what we can do to help. Students will get to handle a replica polar bear skull and claws during this session.

Outreach Session


Half Day


  • Includes 2 sessions
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Full Day


  • Includes 4 sessions
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If you would like to book a Bear Necessities Outreach Session for your school, or you would just like to find out more information, please contact our education team via email at or via telephone on 01302 535057 Ext.77.

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