On Saturday 25th September Yorkshire Wildlife Park will be closed to the public due to hosting a special Thank You Event for all the staff at Doncaster & Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals. 

  • Status

    Least Concern

  • Size

    Up to 4.8 kg

  • Threat


  • Distribution

    Eastern Africa

  • Diet


Say hello to the world's smallest Antelope, the Kirk's Dik-dik!

Dik-diks, which are native to eastern and southern Africa get their names from the distinctive noises they make. These tiny antelope only grow to a maximum of 40 cm tall.

Kirk's Dik-dik inhabit shrubland and thickets, living off a herbivore diet of leaves, shoots, flowers and fruits. They are, however, under threat from poachers who sell their bones for jewellery and their hides for suede gloves.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park is part of a global conservation project to protect their numbers and raise awareness of their plight. Dik-diks are part of the park’s mission to introduce new species to visitors and strengthen its acclaimed conservation work.

Dik Dik (CR.Michael Yorke)

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