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Animal Experiences

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an animal ranger? Ever wanted to get up close and personal with a Meerkat, Monkey around with a Baboon, feed a Lion, a Tiger or even a Polar Bear? Well, now you can, with Yorkshire Wildlife Park’s unique animal experiences!

Note: Although government COVID restrictions have eased, you will still be required to wear a face-mask/covering on all of our animal experiences.

Maned Wolf On The Prowl (1)

VIP Atlantic Forest Experience

  • Bush Dogs, Maned Wolves, Tapir

Head behind the scenes on this unique experience get up close with our Bush Dog family, meet the Maned Wolves and feed the Tapirs!

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Lemur Woods Tour

VIP Primates of Africa Tour

  • Lemurs, Baboons, Gelada Monkeys, Roloway Monkeys

Meet five amazingly different primates of Africa on this ranger guided private tour.

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South America Experience (1)

VIP South America Tour

  • Howler Monkeys, Cotton-top Tamarins, Saki Monkeys, Agouti, Mara, Armadillos, Capybara

Travel to South America in the heart of Yorkshire and discover some of the most awesome and bizarre animals that the continent has to offer, from Six-Banded Armadillos to Howler Monkeys!

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Diving Polar Bear

VIP Polar Bear Experience

  • Polar Bears

Our VIP Polar Bear Experience is truly a fantastic and unique opportunity to get up close and personal with our four polar bears, impossible anywhere else in the country!

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Rhinos together (CR. David Roberts)

The Alternative Big 5 Experience

  • Rhinos, Polar Bears, Giraffes, Lions

Come face to face with some of the largest animals at YWP as part of our Alternative Big 5 experience. This unique opportunity gives you the chance to meet a range of magnificent animals including Rhinos, Polar Bears, Giraffes and Lions

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African Lion Pride (CR. Mark J D)

VIP Carnivore Experience

  • Lions, Tigers

Experience the thrill of getting to know some of the world’s most compelling and powerful mammals more intimately with our VIP Carnivore Experience. 

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VIP Guests

VIP Behind-The-Scenes Tour

Make family memories to last a lifetime with our exclusive behind the scenes tour to discover the inner workings of Yorkshire Wildlife Park and its family of animals.  

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Giraffe (CR. Katy)

VIP Giraffe Experience

  • Giraffes

The Giraffe experience is a fantastic opportunity to feed browse to these truly magnificent African giants. If you love Giraffes, this is an experience not to be missed!

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Painted Dog (CR. David Roberts)

VIP Painted Dog Experience

  • Painted Dogs

Our VIP Painted Dog Experience provides an amazing opportunity to see the Painted Dog in action at Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

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Feeding the Giraffes

VIP Giraffe and Camel Experience

  • Giraffes, Camels

Join us for our exclusive Winter VIP Experience and get to know both our Giraffes and Bactrian Camels.

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Meet the Lemurs

Meet the Lemurs

  • Lemurs

Join our leaping Lemurs, as they scurry all around you during this amazing experience!

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Meet The Wallabies Experience

Meet the Wallabies

  • Wallabies

Come and meet our wonderful Wallabies, in an unforgettable experience for the whole family!

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Meet the Meerkats

Meet the Meerkats

  • Meerkats

Discover Meerkat Manor as part of this exclusive 30-minute experience and come nose-to-nose with one of the most popular animals at the park!

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