No Ordinary Zoo

Step into the wild and wonderful world of Yorkshire Wildlife Park as we dive behind the scenes and explore why Yorkshire Wildlife Park is quite simply No Ordinary Zoo...

Episode 1

Dive into the captivating world of ‘No Ordinary Zoo,’ taking you behind the scenes at Yorkshire Wildlife Park 🦁
In Episode 1, celebrity guests Jo O'Meara and best friend Cindy Lou head to Point Lobos, the Californian Sea Lion reserve 🦭

They feed the sea lions vitamin-stuffed fish, playfully interact with a Tapir, and create chaos in the Locust vivarium. Join us for laughter, adventure, and exclusive glimpses of life beyond the ordinary at Yorkshire Wildlife Park!

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Episode 2

Buckle up as Jo and Cindy venture into the heart of Lion Country and the famous Lion Rescue that put YWP on the map 🦁
From there, they roll up their sleeves to prepare a hearty feast for the park's majestic inhabitants.

They then join forces with the Primates team to craft engaging enrichment activities for the playful Lemurs, and even share some laughs with the mischievous baboons🐒

As the sun sets, Jo and Cindy retreat to the campsite, immersing themselves in the wilderness for a truly unforgettable experience…🏕️

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Episode 3

Starting with a late-night camping prank, the episode quickly transitions to a busy morning for Jo and Cindy with an early start to assist at Project Polar, gathering Polar poo and ensuring these amazing animals are well-fed 🐻‍❄️

The fun continues as they head to Into Africa, where they meet Jasper the Black Rhino and treat him to a refreshing mud rub that he enjoys a little too much... 🦏

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