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The first ever Gelada Monkey baby has been born at award-winning Yorkshire Wildlife Park

14th December 2022

The adorable youngster, who is enjoying being carried around by mum, is already warming the hearts of visitors.

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Yorkshire Wildlife Park supports 'Ground breaking' Polar bear research

17th November 2022

A ground-breaking research project sponsored by Yorkshire Wildlife Park is set to improve the lives and welfare of polar bears and help secure their future in light of the current climate emergency. 

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Otter-ly Fabulous triplets venture out at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

17th October 2022

An adorable set of giant otter triplets took their first steps out into their reserve at the award-winning Yorkshire Wildlife Park this week.

 The playful trio plunged into their pool for a swim and rolled around on the grass under the watchful gaze of parents Alexandra and Orimar.

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Annie the Smooth Coated Otter arrives at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

21st September 2022

Yorkshire Wildlife Park is celebrating the arrival of new girlfriend for an endangered Smooth Coated Otter! 

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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

8th September 2022

A statement from Yorkshire Wildlife Park 

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Endangered Giant Otter Babies

10th August 2022

Yorkshire Wildlife Park welcomes a trio of adorable Giant Otters!

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Polar Bears meet at Project Polar #1

26th July 2022

Rangers at Project Polar watched intently as two-and-half-year-olds Indie and Yuma were introduced to their elders Sisu and Nobby, who are more than twice their size and age!

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Polar Bears on the Move at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

4th July 2022

It is the Polar Bear equivalent of moving to big school. Now two young Polar Bears have had a change of scene moving from their family group and are exploring their stunning new home at Project Polar at the award-winning Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

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Summer days at Yorkshire Wildlife Park!

17th June 2022

The rhinos at Yorkshire Wildlife Park slapped on the sunscreen as temperatures soared by getting a coating of sloppy, cooling mud.

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Critically Endangered Cotton-Top Tamarin Monkeys born at Yorkshire Wildlife Park!

7th June 2022

Yorkshire Wildlife Park is celebrating the birth of two critically endangered Cotton Top Tamarin babies

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We need your trees!

26th May 2022

The animals here at YWP have a huge appetite for trees and we are looking for donations…

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Crowned Lemurs arrive at Yorkshire Wildlife Park!

13th April 2022

Three new arrivals have added an extra bit of magic to life at the award-winning Yorkshire Wildlife Park which is gearing up for a fun-packed Easter

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9 Giraffe facts!

8th April 2022

9 unusual facts about giraffes that may astound you!

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Baby Okapi calf takes his first steps into the spring sunshine at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

18th March 2022

The four-month-old calf, named Mzimu, has finally ventured outside his enclosure with protective mum Ruby by his side. His first steps into the sunshine were captured eagerly by the Animal Team at the park.

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Baby Camels born at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

14th March 2022

Two Bactrian camel calves have been born at Yorkshire Wildlife Park in a camel baby boom.

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