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Black Rhino Calf Born at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

5th February 2024

Award-winning Yorkshire Wildlife Park is celebrating the first birth in the Park’s history of a critically endangered Black Rhino calf, one of the rarest mammals on earth.

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Yorkshire Wildlife Park Animal Audit

31st January 2024

Dedicated rangers needed patience, invention and tasty treats to get the measure of all creatures great and small at Yorkshire Wildlife Park’s annual audit.

Each of the hundreds of  animals, from tiny meerkats to Eastern Black Rhinos and Giraffes, has to be counted and have their vital statistics recorded as part of a national monitoring and conservation programme.

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22nd January 2024

Auckley, the Amur Leopard cub, has made her first public appearance with every step a giant step forward for the most endangered big cat species on the planet.

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Polar Bears International Conference Held at YWP

12th January 2024

A crucial summit to help prevent polar bears hurtling towards extinction is being held at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park this week.

Experts are gathering for the landmark EAZA International Polar Bear Conference to share the latest research in the effort to protect the vulnerable species.

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2023 Year in Pictures

28th December 2023

Join us a we celebrate 2023 in the wildest way and reflect back on the year!

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Award winning Yorkshire Wildlife Park is celebrating the birth of one of the world’s smallest Antelopes

23rd November 2023

The tiny Kirk’s Dik-dik calf, named Acorn, will soon be winning the hearts of visitors exploring the reserve under the watchful care of parents Davos and Crissy.

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Yorkshire Wildlife Park's race to save four war traumatised Ukrainian Lions

23rd October 2023

A race against time is on to save four war-traumatised Ukrainian lions and give them a new home in the UK. 

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Yorkshire Wildlife Park Wins Another Top Award

9th October 2023

Yorkshire Wildlife Park has picked up another prestigious accolade, winning a Gold Award from VisitEngland again.

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Critically Endangered Amur Leopard Cub takes first steps outside

11th September 2023

The only surviving critically endangered Amur Leopard cub born in Europe this year takes its first steps into its reserve at award winning Yorkshire Wildlife Park. Amur leopard are believed to be the rarest big cat in the world.

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Yorkshire Wildlife Park welcomes two endangered Cheetahs to newly developed enclosure

16th August 2023

Yorkshire Wildlife Park is thrilled to announce that two magnificent Northern Cheetahs are joining  its growing family of big cats.

Darcy and Brooke will move into the newly-developed Cheetah Territory that covers 10,000 square metres of specially designed habitat. Cheetah Territory opens to visitors on Friday August 18th.

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Sea Lion Pups Take Their First Swim

20th July 2023

It’s a nervous and exciting moment when a young one takes their first steps and sea lion Lara stays close by while her one-month-old pup wriggles into the water.

Awkward and uncertain to start with, the pup is soon gliding elegantly through the clear pool, closely followed by adoring mum.

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Sea Lion Pups born at Yorkshire Wildlife Park!

3rd July 2023

The first cute arrival was born on June 21st, to mum Lara, 15. The second pup was born to Bailey, 15, Lara’s best friend, on June 30th. Both pups are thriving. 

The births were captured on the park’s CCTV.

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Critically endangered Amur Leopard cub born

22nd June 2023

The birth of a critically rare Amur Leopard cub – a significant step forward in the battle to save the species – was caught on CCTV.

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New walk-through reserve opens at Yorkshire Wildlife Park with critically endangered monkeys

24th May 2023

New endangered species have arrived at the Amazonas walkthrough reserve which opens at Yorkshire Wildlife Park today (Wednesday). The immersive habitat featuring rare species from South America including newly arrived critically endangered Golden Lion Tamarins and Silvery Marmosets, is the latest initiative from the park that is a global leader in wildlife conservation. 

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Cotton Top Tamarin Monkeys twins born

16th May 2023

The birth of critically endangered Cotton Top Tamarin Monkeys twins at award winning Yorkshire Wildlife Park has boosted hope to save the species.


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