• Status

    Least Concern

  • Size

    Up to 350 kg

  • Threat


  • Distribution

    West Coast USA

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Make a Splash with the Sea Lions of Point Lobos!

Point Lobos is home to our family of Californian Sea Lions and the largest purpose built habitat of its kind in the world! This unique world-class reserve showcases two naturalistic lakes featuring varying water depths, authentic sandy shorelines, sheltered caves, grass banks and rocky beaches.

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Dive into the world of Point Lobos, based on the crown jewel of California’s breathtaking living coastline. Home to an important marine ecosystem and incredible aquatic wildlife.

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Point Lobos

The reserve is named Point Lobos after the protected marine reserve in California which means 'Point of Sea Wolves'. Californian Sea Lions are also known in Spanish as "sea wolves" because of the sound of their barks.

The spectacular main lake at Point Lobos measures seventy metres long and over three metres deep. The state of the art system is capable of filtering three million litres of salt water per hour!


Native to the Western Coast of North America,the Californian Sea Lion is one of six species of Sea Lion. Their Natural habitat ranges from from Alaska to Central Mexico. The Californian Sea Lions are great at adapting to different habitats and their ability to feed on a range of food is helping their population to increase.


Sea Lions can stay under water for up to 10 minutes at a time! They are extremely strong swimmers and can reach speeds of nearly 20 miles per hour in the water.

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Meet our amazing Californian Sea Lions and explore Point Lobos!

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