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Red Howler Monkey baby born at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

20th October 2021

Yorkshire Wildlife Park is celebrating the birth of a rare Red Howler Monkey. It's thought to be the first ever birth of this rare species in the UK.

Baby Pablo was born two-weeks-ago and can now be seen cradling proud mum Tila in the new South America reserve. He will spend the next few months clinging tightly to his mum, while being supervised by park keepers.

His mum and dad, Geronimo, both brightly coloured and vocal Venezuelan Red Howlers (Alouatta seniculus), only arrived at the park earlier this year.

Red Howler Monkey males have a huge part to play in the rearing of young in their groups, and Pablo has already been seen interacting a lot with his dad, Geronimo. 

Primates Team Leader at Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Greg Clifton, said:

This is an extremely important birth for this rare species of primate and could be the first time that this species has been bred in the UK. “Yorkshire Wildlife Park is one of only 6 zoos in Europe to hold Red Howler monkeys and these are the only ones in England.

Greg Clifton, YWP’s Primates Team Leader

He added: "He’s a very lucky baby as the Primate team have seen him being carried by both females in our group. Our older female Namid has bred before in the past so has been showing our first time mum Tila how it’s done."

Pablo's arrival comes ahead of the park's Halloween spectacular, with half term visitors able to get a glimpse of the little one while enjoying a range of other spooky themed activities at the park.Entertainment runs for three days from Saturday 23 October to Monday 25 October, and includes live shows, Halloween décor, professional performers, face painting and sideshow games, featuring dancers, jugglers, stilt walkers and aerial performers.Head of Guest Experience, Chris White said:

It is great to be back this Halloween. We dearly missed our spooky Halloween adventures last year and are looking forward to thrilling our visitors again. They will be in for a lot of surprises. It is a Halloween Adventure to remember and like no other.

Chris White, Head of Guest Experience


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