The new residents of Lion Country will be out in their reserve every morning from 10:30am until early afternoon 🦁

Project Polar

Welcome to Project Polar - the largest Polar Bear centre outside Canada.


Project Polar is home to 'The Boys', 6 majestic, fascinating and playful Polar Bears! Meet Nobby, Hamish, Luka, Sisu, Indiana, and Yuma, each with its own unique personality and story.

Spanning 10 acres, this reserve features grassy plains, rocky beaches, water pools, and shaded caves, meticulously designed to replicate the Arctic tundra found in North Canada during the summer.

Project Polar is tailored to meet the physical and natural needs of polar bears. The grassy plains provide ample space for roaming, while the rocky beaches offer a stimulating environment for exploration. Water pools mimic the Arctic waters, and shaded caves serve as retreats for shelter-seeking behaviours. Each reserve is connected via a tunnel system and to the rehabilitation centre & ranger house.

The park's commitment extends to replicating the climatic conditions of the Arctic. Remarkably, polar bears in the South Hudson Bay region experience up to 7 months of conditions similar to those at Yorkshire Wildlife Park. This effort ensures the bears are surrounded by a familiar and comfortable setting, aligning with their natural habitats.

Did you know?

The biggest lake at Project Polar 6.5 thousand square meters in total, around 8 meters deep and contains approximately 25.5 million gallons of water – that’s over 204 million cups of tea! ☕️

Arctic Ambassador Centre

Yorkshire Wildlife Park & Project Polar are proud to be an official Polar Bears International Ambassador Centre (PBI AAC). Our aim is to lead the way in educating the public about climate change and how we can all help to reduce carbon emissions within our communities. The goal of our partnership with PBI is to sustain a future for Polar Bear populations across the Arctic. PBI provides AACs with opportunities to participate in research, education, and conservation programs that address the issues endangering Polar Bears.

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