Meerkat Manor

Welcome to the captivating world of Meerkat Manor at Yorkshire Wildlife Park! This lively exhibit offers a window into the fascinating lives of these small yet incredibly social creatures.

The Manor and its interlocking reserves has been purpose-built to replicate the harsh South African desert terrain that Meerkats live in. Here you will find rock formations, towering termite mounds and deep natural sand ideal for digging and burrowing.

As you watch them dart, dig, and stand tall on their hind legs to keep an eye out for predators, you'll discover their unique family dynamics and vigilant nature. With their endearing antics and unmistakable markings, meerkats showcase the perfect blend of cuteness and survival instincts. Be prepared to be enchanted by their busy burrows and playful interactions – a true testament to the wonders of the animal kingdom right in the heart of Yorkshire. So grab a spot by the exhibit, and get ready to be both educated and thoroughly entertained by these pint-sized adventurers!

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