Cheetah Territory

Welcome to the heart-pounding hub of speed, agility, and wild adventure – Cheetah Territory!

Get ready to embark on your expedition into the realm of these lightning-fast felines.

Roaring with excitement and brimming with anticipation, this brand-new land is where nature's fastest land animals rule the savannah in a symphony of stripes and sprints. Feel the thrill of the chase, the rhythm of the grasslands, and the sheer power of the cheetah as you explore this exhilarating haven. Join us in celebrating the elegance of speed and the wild wonders of the animal kingdom, right here in the heart of Yorkshire.

Cheetah Territory has been meticulously designed to faithfully replicate the expansive natural habitat of these magnificent creatures. It boasts a diverse landscape adorned with lush grasses and towering trees, creating a verdant oasis that mirrors the cheetahs' native surroundings. Additionally, carefully curated rocky outcrops and sandy enclaves have been incorporated, providing perfect spots for the cheetahs to unwind and bask under the sun.

Covering an impressive expanse exceeding 10,000 square metres, which equates to approximately 2.5 acres, the reserve is divided into three distinct sections. Each section has been thoughtfully designed to accommodate the cheetahs' specific needs and preferences. The reserve features separate accommodations for the male and female cheetahs, ensuring their comfort and well-being are prioritised in this carefully planned environment.

What is there to explore?


Expert talks

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Cheetah Ranger Talk

  • 3:45 PM
  • Cheetah Territory
  • Cheetahs

Find out all about these incredible lightning-fast felines with the Cheetah Ranger Talk! 


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