• Status

    Endangered Species

  • Size

    Up to 450 kg

  • Threat

    Habitat loss

  • Distribution

    Kenya & Ethiopia

  • Diet


'Into Africa!' is home to a herd of all-female Grevy's Zebra.

Zebra are one of the most iconic African species with their distinctive black-and-white striped coats. Their striped patterns are entirely unique, meaning no two zebras have identical markings; just like a human fingerprint!

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Grévy’s Zebra (aka Imperial Zebra) are the largest of the wild Horse species. They differ in appearance from the other two species of Zebra due to their mule-like characteristics, in particular their long and narrow heads and large ears.


Zebra are very vocal animals, producing numerous sounds and vocalisations. When alarmed they produce deep hoarse grunts and squealing noises.


Grevy’s Zebras have suffered one of the most substantial reductions of range of any African mammal due to human activity. In Ethiopia, hunting is also a primary cause of their declining population.


Over 15,000 Grévy’s Zebra could once be found in East Africa but their numbers have plummeted due to poaching, habitat loss and disease. Grévy’s Zebra are the most threatened species of Zebra in the world with fewer than 2,000 remaining across Africa.

Grevy's Zebras (CR.Sue Launders)

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