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    Least Concern

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    Up to 18 kg

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Take a stroll through Wallaby Walkabout to discover this cute family of animals called Macropods, which literally means “big foot”. Wallabies are native to Australia and Tasmania and are often mistaken for Kangaroos which are much larger in size. 

The most noticeable thing about marsupials like Bennett's Wallabies is the female's unique pouch, used to nurse their young. A joey will stay in its mum’s pouch, drinking her milk, until they are about six months of age. After six months of age they will come out of the pouch to hop around, but will continue to return to mum’s pouch until they can no longer fit!

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Bennett's Wallabies are also known as the Red-necked Wallaby. They have long powerful tails used to balance and prop themselves up in a sitting posture, their hind legs are also extremely powerful, used to bound along at high speed and can be used to kick predators and battle each other. During your visit to Wallaby Walkabout see if you can spot the rare Swamp Wallaby. This sub-species of Wallaby has a different body shape and much darker coat colouring. 


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