Smooth Coated Otters

  • Status

    Vulnerable Species

  • Size

    Up to 10 kg

  • Threat

    Loss of Wetlands

  • Distribution

    Southeast Asia

  • Diet


Say hello to the adorable Smooth Coated Otters!

Their home at Yorkshire Wildlife Park can be found in the Himalayan Pass along with their Red Panda neighbours

Smooth-coated otters live in a family group of breeding pairs and offspring from previous litters. They have litters of up to five pups. As its name suggests, this species of otter has fur which is shorter and smoother than other species.

In southern Bangladesh, smooth-coated otters are used for commercial fishing. They are bred in captivity, trained and used to chase fish into fishing nets.

Where in the park?

Venture through Himalayan Pass and discover the amazing temperate valley forests of Southern Asia. 

Visit Himalayan Pass

Otter  (CR. David Roberts)

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