Spotted Hyena

  • Status

    Least Concern

  • Size

    Up to 65 kg

  • Threat

    Habitat loss

  • Distribution

    Sub-Saharan Africa

  • Diet


See if you can Spot the Hyenas of Harar during your visit to Experience Ethiopia!

Spotted Hyena are extremely intelligent and social animals, often living in large groups known as a clans. Their call sounds a lot like laughter – they do this when they are excited but nervous, when submitting to another hyena or when alerting others about food. Their ‘laugh’ is one of about 12 different vocalisations and their call can be heard from over 5 km away.

Where in the park?

Be transported to the incredible landscapes of Ethiopia, from the semi-desert flats of Harah to the lush Simien Mountains.

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Spotted Hyena (2)

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