Red Howler Monkeys

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    Least Concern

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    South America

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Be sure to look up high into the trees when visiting these fascinating primates!

The Red Howler Monkeys spend much of their time high up in the tree tops above their reserve at Yorkshire Wildlife Park. They are the only Red Howler Monkeys in England and can be found residing alongside the South American Giant Anteaters.

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In the wild, Red Howler Monkeys live in the tree canopy and have a diet that is made up of around 60% leaves, which are low energy and low nutrition, so they sleep a lot and generally don’t have to work too hard to get their food. At a weight of 7-9kg they are one of the larger South American primates. Their name comes from the unique guttural roar that they produce using a special adaption in their throat. It can be heard up to 3 miles away and marks their territory.


Unlike humans, Red Howler monkeys frown when they are happy/content. When Howler monkeys smile and shows their teeth they are actually upset.

Howler Monkey (CR. David Roberts) (1)

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Howler Monkey In The Canopy (CR. David Roberts)

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