• Status

    Endangered Species

  • Size

    Up to 800 kg

  • Threat

    Habitat loss

  • Distribution

    East & Southern Africa

  • Diet


'Into Africa' is home to male Giraffes Jengo, Jambo and Palle.

As you explore 'Into Africa' you may come across the tallest living land mammal on earth! During the summer months you may spot them roaming the vast African plains and foraging through the treetops. In the cooler months, head to their purpose built heated indoor house and yard.

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Step foot on a safari adventure through the heart of Africa!

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There are 4 species of Giraffe and 9 subspecies including the endangered Rothschild's and Niger Giraffes. They all differ slightly in colouration and patterning. You will find two subspecies of Giraffe at YWP; Reticulated and a Rothschild. 


Giraffe are the tallest living land animal on the planet, growing up to 6 meters tall. Giraffe have black / blue tongues to avoid getting sunburnt and a special system of veins in their neck stop them getting a rush of blood to the head when they bend down.


Their gestation period is around 15 months and they give birth to only 1 baby.


Rothschild Giraffes: around 1,100 (in the wild)

Reticulated Giraffes: around 5,000 (in the wild)


Adopt us

Help suport Giraffes care at Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

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Adopt us

Help support Giraffes care at Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

More about adoptions

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