Cotton-top Tamarins

  • Status

    Critically Endangered

  • Size

    Up to 0.4 kg

  • Threat


  • Distribution


  • Diet


Meet one of the smallest primates in the world, the Cotton-top Tamarin!

Easily recognisable by their eccentric looking long white crested hairstyle, Cotton-top Tamarins are one of three Amazonian species of Tamarin. Cotton-tops live in a small forested areas of Northwestern Colombia. They forage through the middle forest canopy to find fruits and small insects to eat.

In the late 1960s almost 30,000 Cotton-top Tamarins were exported to the USA for biomedical research. Today, deforestation and human activity poses the greatest threat to this species. Colombia is losing its tropical rainforest at a dramatic rate due to deforestation and agriculture.

In 2021, the Cotton-Top Tamarins at Yorkshire Wildlife Park became parents to twins! Find out more

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Cotton Top (CR.Brian Hall)

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