• Status

    Near threatened

  • Size


  • Threat

    Habitat Loss & Predation

  • Distribution

    Lowland Forests

  • Diet


Meet the Bush pack! Endemic to South America these furry tailed carnivores are one of the smallest wild pack hunting dog on the planet.

These wonderful carnivorous mammals are endemic to South America and in the wild hunt in family packs. Although they may be small in stature, these carnivores are certainly adept, taking down prey such as Paca, Agouti and sometimes even larger prey such as Rhea.  

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Bush dogs are found in Lowland Forests, wet savannah and river habitats living in social groups of up to 12 individuals. They are listed as Near Threatened on the IUCN Red List due to predation and habit loss.

Did you know?

Bush dogs have evolved partially webbed feet to help them swim better in river habitats and they have sharp claws that help them dig out prey.


Bush dogs give birth to litters of 3-6 pups but litters of up to 10 have been reported! Only the dominant pair breed and other dogs are subordinate and help rear and protect the pups.


Bush Dogs

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