🦏Najuma and Rocco🦏 have a daily set viewing time of 11:30 am but with the weather getting warmer they now have freer access to the reserve so will hopefully be visible more often.

Run for Wildlife - Spring 10k

21st April 2024

  • Venue: Yorkshire Wildlife Park
  • Capacity: 1200
  • Distance: 10km
  • Start time: 08:30
  • £25.50 (includes your park entry!)
  • Virtual price: £13.50 (includes medal)


Curlys and the Yorkshire Wildlife Park team are very pleased to be returning with the fantastic 10k running safari, in support of the Wildlife Foundation!

The route is perfect for all running abilities, whether you're going for a personal best or a fun run! Explore the park en route as you jog past Lions, Tigers, Sea Lions, and more!

Everyone is welcome! Whether you walk, jog, run, or a little bit of everything, it's a great day out!

The race starting point is located at The Yorkshire Hive entrance off Hurst Lane before you head around the special route.
Pre-booking is essential


Let's get fundraising!

The WildLife Foundation is a charity based at Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Doncaster. 

Find out more about the fantastic work the Foundation does and get involved in more fundraising, discover more about the animals they support, and be inspired!

Find out more about The Wildlife Foundation here!

2023 Animal Theme

Every one of our Run for Wildlife events has a unique animal theme to help raise awareness. It also provide us with our design ideas for the medal and optional t-shirt.

Say hello to the Rhino... our 2024 featured animal. The Yorkshire Wildlife Park is home to Jasper, Makibo and Najuma; three critically endangered Eastern Black Rhinos.

The name Rhinoceros means ‘nose horn’. It comes from the Greek words rhino (nose) and ceros (horn).

Black Rhinoceros have been illegally poached to the brink of extinction due to the demand for their horn, numbers have declined by over 90% over the last three generations.


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