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Your pitch will be available from 2.00pm on the day of your arrival and check-out is by 10.00am on the day of your departure.

There will be a refundable £100.00 deposit taken at Check In for Damage Cover Refunded on Departure


10.3.1 The Hirer is responsible for any damage to the bell tents including, but not limited to, staining/tearing of the canvases, scratching of poles, excessive soiling of the canvas or snapping of guy ropes.

10.3.2 A refundable damage deposit of £100 for a single tent contract or £50 per tent for multiple tent hire contracts will be due upon payment of the full balance and should be paid as one lump sum by the Main Hirer. This will be fully refunded to the Main Hirer within 14 days of the return of all equipment hired, provided nothing is missing or damaged.

10.3.3 In the instance of a multiple tent hire contract, the £50 per tent generates a total sum which covers all tents. If the cost of damage or lost goods exceeds £50 for a single tent, the rest of the sum owed can be deducted from the remaining balance of the damage deposit. Please also note that guests will be required to remove outdoor footwear when entering our tents. We do not allow smoking, flames or cooking in our tents. If we believe there is a smell of cigarette smoke, other candles or cooking in a tent, you as the Main Hirer agree to accept our opinion as final. Cigarettes and naked flames should NOT be used within 5 metres of these tents. Failure to adhere to this could result in the deposit being retained after a hire. If drinks are spilled in a tent, please ensure they are cleaned and we are notified of the spillage.

10.3.4 We do not remove rubbish and unwanted belongings from the site. Please ensure you have made your own arrangements for the removal of rubbish from your site. In the instance that rubbish is left for the Company to remove, a £75 charge will apply for its removal. If the amount left is deemed unmanageable for us given the amount of equipment we transport in our vans, then the Company will not remove it at all.

10.3.5 Beds will be checked prior to the hire and will only be provided if they are in full working order. If an airbed goes down or camp bed collapses during a hire, the Company can accept no responsibility. Spare airbeds and a pump are provided for this eventuality.

10.3.5 In order for the full damage deposit to be refunded, everything must be returned in the state in which it was loaned to you. The charges listed below detail how much can be charged for lost or damaged items. This list is by no means exhaustive and the Company reserves the right to charge a fair and appropriate amount for any item hired out, which may or may not be included in this list, should it be lost, damaged or stolen. Charges are based on the costs to clean, repair or replace items.

If you have booked Park tickets with your camping you will collect these from the Guest Services at The Hive. You will be able to advise them on which day/s you would like the tickets activating at this time.

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