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  • Status

    Endangered Species

  • Size

    Up to 320 kg

  • Threat


  • Distribution

    East Russia & Northeast China

  • Diet


'Land of the Tigers' is home to three endangered Amur Tigers: Vladimir, Sayan and Tschuna. 

Take a spectacular walk along the 300 meter long raised walkway above 'Land of the Tigers' for the best views of these magnificent big cats. Witness the majestic cats freely roaming their woodlands and grasslands or playing in their very own waterfall pool. A number of elevated platforms give fantastic views of their tranquil and lush surroundings.


Tigers can be divided into 6 Subspecies Amur, South China, Malayan, Indochinese, Sumatran and Bengal Tiger. At Yorkshire Wildlife Park you will find the endangered Amur Tiger, also known as Siberian Tigers.


The Amur Tiger is the largest big cat in the world! Tigers are the only big cat with stripes and no two tigers have the exact same patterns.


Female Tigers will reach sexual maturity around 3-4 years of age and will have a litter size of between 2-3 cubs.


Amur Tigers numbers have dropped to as low as 20 to 30 individuals. International awareness and conservation programs helped to push their numbers back to over 500 in the wild. In the last 100 years the world has lost 3 subspecies of Tiger forever!

The species was saved from imminent extinction when Russia granted the Amur Tiger full protection in 1947. A significant amount of work has now gone into the conservation of these magnificent animals. Land of the Tiger is world renowned and one of the largest Tiger habitats in Europe. 

In 2013, we celebrated the arrival of a second female Tiger called Tschuna who arrived from Dudley Zoo. The Tigers are part of the European Breeding Programme and in March 2015 Tschuna (and father Vladimar) gave birth to three cubs called Harley, Hector and Hope. All three cubs have now grown up and moved to different parks around the world to be part of the vital species breeding programme.

Amur Tiger Eyes

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Help suport Tigers care at Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

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Adopt us

Help support Tigers care at Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

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