• Status

    Least Concern

  • Size

    Up to 6 kg

  • Threat

    Habitat loss

  • Distribution

    South America

  • Diet


Look under the large oak tree and you may just spot the Cotton Top Tamarins and Armadillos.

Six-banded Armadillos are typically only around 45 centimetres in length.

Armadillos are omnivorous which means they eat a variety of fruit, veg, insects and small animals. This particular species is not able to curl into a ball like other types of Armadillo.

Primarily solitary, six-banded armadillos have very poor eyesight, relying on their keen sense of smell to detect prey and predators. They are extremely efficient diggers, and use burrows to live and search for prey. Six-banded armadillos will dig with their forefeet and sharp claws, flinging the soil behind them as they dig. Armadillos are closely related to Anteaters and Sloths!

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