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    Data deficient

  • Size

    Up to 4 kg

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  • Distribution

    South America

  • Diet


Named after the Spanish naturalist Félix de Azara, Azara’s Agouti are large rodents found throughout Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. 

At Yorkshire Wildlife Park the Azaras Agouti can be found roaming freely around the 'South America Viva' walkthrough. 

Agoutis spend a lot of time hiding from predators in the rainforest. If a predator such as a Jaguar approaches they may freeze, make an alarm call or raise the long hairs on their rump to scare the enemy away.

Their diet mainly consists of nuts, fruits and plant material and they are thought to be the only mammal that can open a Brazil nut due to their exceptionally sharp teeth.

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Agoutis are usually solitary and are extremely shy animals. They are fairly good swimmer, and can sometimes be spotted near water.


Agouti’s are known as jungle gardeners because they often bury nuts and seeds, then forget where they put them, aiding plants and trees to grow. 


Azara’s Agoutis have a gestation period of around 90 days, typically 2-4 young are born in a burrow and will stay with their mother until they can fend for themselves to go and live a solitary lifestyle.


We do not have specific data on the population size of Azara's Agouti, though it is understood that numbers are decreasing.

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