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Yorkshire Wildlife Park trial new “unorthodox” safety measures ahead of reopening

Andrew Watson News

Yorkshire Wildlife Park are excited to once again be reopening their gates on April 12th 2021. The award winning Wildlife Park, home to many threatened species, have been working hard to ensure all appropriate safety measures are in place ready for the grand reopening.

“It has been a huge effort to ensure that all necessary safety precautions are put in place before reopening” said Health and Safety Officer Andy Wasch. Although many standard procedures such as social distancing and additional hand sanitiser stations will be in place, the park introduced a number of unorthodox measures for staff to follow during the latest national lockdown. “In addition to our thorough health and safety measures we have also encouraged staff to make the most of our fantastic outdoor spaces” added Mr A. Wasch.

Staff settle into their new offices

Staff have settled into their new offices.

“Open air office spaces have been utilised at a number of our animal walk through areas to ensure our staff team have plenty of space to conduct their important and vital work” added Head of Animals, Mr C.  Lyons. “Most staff have been very happy working alongside the animals, however their cuteness factor has sometimes caused quite a distraction for the staff”.

Cute Wallaby

Cute but rather distracting Wallaby.

“This initiative is just one of many steps the park has taken to ensure the well-being of staff members during the temporary closure period” said Mr Lyons.

“Our innovative ‘Ranger Bubble’ project has also been very popular amongst staff” said Ms Cathy Lee, manager of Bubble Standards at the park.

Large Inflatable Bubble

Yorkshire Wildlife Park’s Personal Bubble Trial

“It was rather strange at first but you soon get used to working inside a giant inflatable ball”, quoted a member of the animal ranger team.  The park are considering opening up the project to guests come April 12th.  “Although it would be ideal to issue every guest with their own bubble, we simply do not have the balls it would require to make them compulsory for every guest” urged Ms C. Lee.

“Though the expansion of this particular project may not be possible, we are still extremely excited to safely welcome pre-booked guests back into the park very soon” she concluded. “We are incredibly thankful for all of the wonderful support our guests have shown during this very difficult time”. The park reopens to guests from April 12th 2021 with pre-booked reservations only. See to make your booking online today.