Romance is in the air ahead for two otters at the award-winning Yorkshire Wildlife Park

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 Love is in the air for Alexandra and Orimar, two giant otters, who only have eyes for each other.

The cold weather and storms have not cooled the romance of these playful otters, who sealed Valentine’s Day with a kiss.

The couple were caught nuzzled up in a tender moment, after being introduced back in October last year at the award-winning Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster.

The four-year age gap has meant little to the romantic couple who have been inseparable since Ori joined seven-year-old Alexandra, who has a distinctive white mark down her face and chin.

Alexandra joined YWP back in 2015 from Duisburg Zoo in Germany. Ori arrived in October 2019 as a potential breeding partner for the striking female.

The pair are visitor favorites at the Park, where they often put on spectacular displays of their antics, mostly diving into the otter pool.

“It is a great Valentine’s Day picture and shows how much they love each other,” said John Minion CEO of the park, “Alex and Ori are always together and have loads of fun. There was an instant attraction when they were introduced.

“They say otters’ mate for life and they certainly seem to have eyes for only each other most of the time.”

Giant otters are native to South America and the Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation, which is based at the park, is supporting projects in Brazil to save the species, whose numbers have plunged to less than 5,000 in the wild from habitat loss, increased farming and fishing.

Park staff are hoping that Alex and Ori’s romance will continue and that they will start a family soon.

Visitors can see Alex and Ori in their reserve at the park, as well as some of the world’s most beautiful and endangered animals, including tigers, leopards, and the country’s only Polar bears including new arrival Rasputin all throughout half term.