10 unBEARlievable Facts on International Polar Bear Day!

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Saturday 27th February 2021 is International Polar Bear Day! To celebrate this brrrrrilliant day, check out these TOP TEN unBEARlieavable Facts about this incredible species:

1. Polar Bears are the LARGEST living land carnivores on Earth! 🐾
2. They have an incredible sense of smell with the ability to sniff out prey over 8 MILES away! 👃
3. Polar Bear fur isn’t actually white! Each hair is TRANSPARENT, hollow & pigment-free… nobody knows why! 🐻‍❄️

Polar Bears swimming

(📷: Ian Walters)

4. Underneath their white looking coat, they have thick BLACK SKIN which helps them absorb sunlight and keep warm ☀️
5. Most of the worlds sub-populations of Polar Bear live in CANADA 🇨🇦
6. A fully grown Polar Bear can weigh as much as TEN MEN! 💪

Polar Bear sitting

(📷: Sam Tinsley)

7. Polar Bears are amazing long distance SWIMMERS and are technically classed as Marine Mammals 🌊
8. Their hunts for food are often UNSUCCESSFUL, Polar Bears are rewarded with catching prey only around 2% of the time!
9. Their ears and tails are tiny to stop them from getting FROSTBITE ❄️

Polar Bear shakes water off coat

(📷: Stefan Zait)

10. Polar Bears are classified as “VULNERABLE” in the wild, with their biggest threat being Climate Change. To support the invaluable work of Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation and Polar Bears International please consider reading more at www.YWPF.org.

Nobby, Hamish, Sisu and Luka are celebrating their first International Polar Bear Day together at Yorkshire Wildlife Park. They are important ambassadors for this flagship species and help to educate guests about the important role we all play in reducing our impact on the planet 🌎 Discover more and donate online at YWPF.org

Polar bear breaking the ice

(📷: Brian Hall)

YOU can make a difference to this cause by texting ‘YWPF’ to ‘70331’ & Donate £3 to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation🤳