Yorkshire Wildlife Park is great for kids, let your little monkeys swing about in Monkey playhouse, explore in our Forest Adventure play area or jump around in our Big Bug’s play area.


Monkey Playhouse

Grab a drink and some food in our cafe and let your little ones monkey around in our amazing Monkey Playhouse. Carefully designed and constructed for Yorkshire Wildlife Park, with amazing slides, handcrafted walkways and wooden baboons, Monkey Playhouse will entertain your children long enough for you to have a break.

Monkey Playhouse

Zoom Super Slide Barn

Let your kids zoom down our 20ft vertical slide in our Zoom Super Slide Barn, adjacent to Monkey Playhouse our Zoom Super Slide Barn will provide hours of adrenaline filled fun.

Children will need long sleeved tops, long trousers and socks to use the Zoom Slide (avoiding friction burns). Children must be supervised at all times throughout Monkey Playhouse and Zoom Slide Barn.


Big Bugs Play Area

Located near Into Africa, our brand new Big Bugs Play area is fantastic if you want to sit outside and grab 5 minutes while your little ones play on our Giant Bugs. Big Bugs play area also has a giant pyramid tent, which if the worst happens and the weather isn’t great, you can grab some shelter and still have your picnic.

Big Bugs Play Area

Oasis Adventure Play Area

The Oasis Adventure Play Area is our most adventurous play area yet. Located near the Giraffe reserve and our new Camel reserve, the Oasis Adventure Play Area is fun for all ages. Oasis is guaranteed to get the adrenaline flowing as you launch yourself down the amazing zip line, clamber up climbing frames and whizz down slides.


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