🦏Najuma and Rocco🦏 have a daily set viewing time of 11:30 am but with the weather getting warmer they now have freer access to the reserve so will hopefully be visible more often.

Project Polar 2

Project Polar is home to the females; Mum Flocke and tiny tot (or not so tiny) Tala!

Each reserve was specifically-designed to reflect the habitat of the Arctic tundra commonly found in North Canada during the summer months. Polar Bears in the South Hudson Bay region can spend up to 7 months of the year in very similar climatic conditions to those at Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

Arctic Ambassador Centre

Yorkshire Wildlife Park & Project Polar are proud to be an official Polar Bears International Ambassador Centre (PBI AAC). Our aim is to lead the way in educating the public about climate change and how we can all help to reduce carbon emissions within our communities. The goal of our partnership with PBI is to sustain a future for Polar Bear populations across the Arctic. PBI provides AACs with opportunities to participate in research, education, and conservation programs that address the issues endangering Polar Bears.

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