We know it is important to you to ensure the park is a safe, happy and informative place for your visit. Below is a list of frequency asked questions to help you plan and book your visit to YWP.

List of FAQ’s

How much does it cost to bring a school group to YWP?

We offer discounted rates for educational groups. Visits have to be pre-booked with 10 or more paying people. This discount is only available on weekdays during Doncaster LEA term time.

With primary schools 1 adult enters for free with every 5 paying children.

With secondary schools 1 adult enters for free with every 10 paying children.

Any additional adults or teachers are charged £13:00 for entry.

The costs for students are shown below:

If you would like to book an education session for your group these cost £1.50 per child. A minimum charge of £37.50 applies.

Ticket Type Ticket Price
Additional adults/teacher £13.50
Students (aged 3-16) £6.50
Students 16+ £7.50
2 year olds £3.50
Education session (per child) £1.50

How to book?

Bookings are now all made online via the education section of the website at www.yorkshirewildlifepark.com/education The online booking form must be completed for confirmation of your school’s visit. If you opt for education sessions then the education team will be in touch to discuss in more detail. However, if you have specific date in mind and want to check session availability before making a booking please contact the education team on 01302 535057 ext77. Please note that education rates only apply during Doncaster term time.

What is included in the educational sessions?

Our education session have been developed according to national curriculum and exam board syllabus objectives, dependent on which topic is booked, students will have the opportunity to view and touch animal bio facts such as bones, horns, skins, feathers and live animals.

If you require education sessions as part of your visit, make sure you select them on your online booking form. All sessions must be pre-booked as only a limited number are available. Classrooms are fully accessible, but please remember to inform us of any other information we should be aware of, to ensure your sessions run as smoothly as possible.

How many students are allowed per education session?

We can take a maximum of 32 students per session. Sessions are charged at £1.50 per student. For smaller groups there is a minimum charge of £37.50. Please be aware due to fire regulations our classrooms have limited capacity, we are able to accommodate teaching and support staff however other adults may be asked to leave. Multiple smaller classes may be booked if needed.

What is the difference between the indoor and outdoor sessions?

Indoor sessions are available all year around and we offer outdoor sessions over the summer term.

Outdoor sessions in the Woodland classroom are the “Aren’t Animals Amazing” education session. This is a fun, interactive session adapted for all ages. This includes fun activities, bio-facts for the students to look at and live animals for them to meet. These sessions are held outside, so please be prepared with outdoor clothing and suitable footwear or sun cream depending on the weather.

If weather conditions are wet, then don’t worry the woodland classroom does have undercover shelter! If you are wanting to cover a more specific topic, please book an indoor education session.

What times are the education sessions held?

The sessions are available at: 10.30am, 11.15am, 12.00pm, 12.45pm, 1.30pm

Please ensure you turn up to your session on time. The sessions cannot over run, so if you are late you will receive a shorter session or some may have to be cancelled, dependent on the topic booked. Please make sure you know the location of the correct classroom for your session.

Is it possible to make a pre-visit?

We recommend all schools send a member of staff to visit the park before the day of your visit. Once you have made a booking one member of staff per class can visit the park to plan your visit and carry out your own risk assessments. Please email schoolvisits@yorkshirewildlifepark.com to arrange this.

Where to eat?

We have a number of catering outlets offering hot and cold meals, snacks and drinks. There are lots of picnic areas around the park. We do not offer any indoor picnic areas, we are an outdoor attraction so please be aware of this when booking. However during our winter season and on really wet days we do try to offer undercover areas for school groups to have lunch, but this is not guaranteed. We regret that there are no booking facilities for any of our picnic areas.

Is there anywhere to store the students lunch bags while we walk around the park?

Unfortunately we do not offer any storage facilities for school groups, we suggest leaving pack lunches on the coach. Your adults are more than welcome to go back to collect when needed. Most school children come prepared with lunches safely stored in their rucksacks.

Visiting the gift shop

Most visits to the park end with a trip around the gift shop. If you would like to you can pre-order some gift bags for your group, these are £2.50 each, please email schoolvisits@yorkshirewildlifepark.com, these need to be pre-ordered 1 week in advance. For more information please contact our Retail team.

Is it possible to see the whole park in one day?

It is possible to see the whole park, attend animal talks and attend education sessions during your visit.

What are the best routes around the park to see the animal talks?

We would recommend that you try to attend some animal talks during your visit. Our knowledgeable rangers give informative fun talks and will be happy to answer any of your questions.

The timetable of talks varies depending on the time of year. You can download a copy of the park map and talk timetable off our website to plan your route around the park. We do not provide a route around the park, the park is well signposted, and we suggest taking time before your visit using our maps to plan toilet stops and picnic eating areas.

Are there any activities for the students to do while walking around the park?

Look out for Adel’s Alphabet Trail as you walk around YWP. This sign trail provides children with the opportunity to test their knowledge on wildlife and enhance their learning as they explore the park.

To view and download our teaching resources, please click here

Do students have to be supervised around the park?

Students 16 and under MUST be supervised when on the park, a quota of supervising adults are admitted free of charge for this purpose.

As a supervising adult please ensure students adhere to the rules for the walkthrough enclosures. When in a walkthrough enclosure stay on the path, do not feed any animals and respect the animals’ space. If an animal would like to come to you they can. Please do not allow your students to shout at the animals.

All of our animals are on carefully prepared and weighed diets. We would kindly request that no students feed any of the animals at the park. In some instances it can lead to the animal becoming ill.

We do our best to ensure the park is a safe and enjoyable environment for all visitors. Any instances of disruptive or inappropriate behaviour will be reported and appropriate action taken.

Entry into the park

Please ensure you have all the relevant documents with you when arriving at the park and your chosen method of payment. We need the group leaders name and mobile contact number for your visit before you enter the park. Please be aware that during busy periods you may experience a short delay from arriving to entrance into the park. We are constantly trying to improve our entrance procedures and apologise for any unforeseen delays.


Visiting schools are responsible for their students’ first aid needs, please ensure all adults in your party know this. If school parties split into smaller groups then it is the responsibility of the supervising adult to contact the school’s first aider. If a serious incident occurs and the school’s first aiders require assistance then please notify the nearest member of YWP staff and an emergency first aider on site will attend.

What are the different payment options?

There are various payment methods:

  • Cash
  • Business cheque
  • Card
  • Payment by card over the phone on entry

After a visit to YWP

We welcome any feedback after your visit to YWP. We want your visit to YWP to be more than just a day out. We love to hear about projects that have been inspired by a visit to YWP. We would like students to go home and make a difference to their local community.

What happens if we need to cancel our visit?

Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel or rearrange your visit. Contact us on: 01302 535057 ext 77. We prefer to have at least two weeks notice for any cancellations. If cancellations are due to the weather we are happy to re-book you in on an alternative date.

If you are late for an education session, we may reduce the time of the education session or even cancel it, you will still be charged.

Education sessions quickly fully book, so we require 28 days’ notice for cancellations or you will be charged. If you do not attend your session, we do not offer refunds.

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