#EarthDay 2019

Liam Smith News

#EarthDay is the perfect chance to think about how we can all help the environment.

Here’s what we are doing at Yorkshire Wildlife Park to be more environmentally friendly:

  • All of our disposable coffee cups (and lids) are 100% biodegradable 
  • 0% of our waste goes to landfill
  • We only use 100% renewable green energy
  • Our Vegware straws are 100% compostable
  • We sell re-usable cups made from bamboo in our catering outlets, and offer a refill discount every time the cup is used instead of a disposable cup.
  • We are now virtually free of single use plastic bottles, as we now sell cans of soft drinks and water in boxed cartons
  • We are currently working with our key suppliers to reduce packaging on all products
  • We are also trying reduce our carbon footprint further by reducing the number of deliveries coming into the park
  • We only use sustainably sourced palm oil
  • We turn off one of our main freezers during the winter season, so it isn’t using power for 4-5 months in off-peak times

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation is also supporting groundbreaking climate change research, such as this fascinating recent study in Borneo.