Found throughout Africa, the Ostrich is the largest and heaviest bird in the world and can weigh up to 145kg, that’s as much as two adult humans! You can find both our Ostriches and Elvis the Emu in the Into Africa Reserve.


Struthio camelus

Excellent at evading predators, ostriches have acute hearing and eyesight and can sense predators from miles away. If one did get into a bit of trouble with a predator, they have been known to run at speeds in excess of 40mph, being the fastest animal on two legs.

Not only are Ostriches fantastic at evading predators, they are also pretty good at defending themselves, their legs are very powerful and kicks from an ostrich have been known to kill lions. Contrary to popular beliefs Ostrich do not bury their heads in the sand, but when they see a predator they can’t outrun they place their head and neck close to the ground, from a distance this looks like their head is buried in the sand as their head and neck are a similar colour to the sand.

Their diet consists mainly of plants, seeds and fruits however they do eat insects as well, because they lack teeth they swallow pebbles to grind food in their gizzard.

  • Ostrich
  • Ostrich


Least Concern

Ostrich are listed as least concern on the IUCN red list.

Ostrich are found throughout Africa. Their habitat includes:

  • Savanna

Ostrich are herbivores and feed mainly on seeds, shrubs, grass, fruit and flowers. They do also occasionally eat insects, such as locusts.

Ostrich have a number of threats that include:

  • Hunting
  • Predation


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