Possibly one of the most critically endangered animals in the world, the addax is very close to becoming extinct in the wild. A recent survey by the IUCN had only found 3 remaining in the wild.


Addax nasomaculatas

Also known as screwhorned antelope, these stunning animals are one of the most critically endangered mammals with only a handful of them remaining in the wild today.

Many years ago addax used to form large herds numbering in the hundreds, but sadly today they can only be found singly or in small groups.

Addax have many adaptations to help them survive in their native desert environment, they can go most of their life without drinking water.

  • Addax
  • Addax



Hunting and the spread of agriculture have left this animal with a very uncertain future. It is probable that the only reason the addax still exists today is that it live in a hostile environment that man finds difficult, if not impossible to navigate. They have been reintroduced in North Africa into protected areas. Introduction into the wider area are not possible because of the terrain and inhospitable nature of the environment. The animals will be able to survive but it would be difficult for the conservationists to track, monitor and protect them from poachers.


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