Himalayan Pass

Himalayan Pass is home to Red Pandas and Smooth Coated Otters which in the wild are found on the mountain slopes and in the valleys of
the Himalayas in Asia. 

Red Panda

Ailurus fulgens

Despite their name, Red Panda’s are not closely related to the Giant Panda – it is most closely related to weasels and racoons.

Red Pandas build a nest in a hollow log or rock crevice and generally give birth to 1-2 cubs.

Their curved sharp, semi-retractile claws and an extension to the wrist form a false thumb to manipulate bamboo. They can also rotate their ankles to control their descent from trees.


Smooth Coated Otter

Lutrogale perspicilata

Smooth-coated otters live in a family group of breeding pairs and offspring from previous litters. They have litters of up to 5 pups. As its name suggests, this species of otter has fur which is shorter and smoother than other species.

In southern Bangladesh, smooth-coated otters are used for commercial fishing. They are bred in captivity, trained and used to chase fish into fishing nets.



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