Experience Ethiopia

Experience Ethiopia is composed of two animal reserves: Hyenas of Harar, with spotted hyena and Simien Mountains, with a troop of Gelada Monkeys.

Gelada Monkey

Theropithecus gelada

Gelada Monkeys are the last surviving species of grazing primates. They must eat around a quarter of their body weight in grass every day.

The pink hour-glass shaped patch on their chest for displaying dominance and reproductive status. Males also flip their upper lip to expose huge canine teeth when threatened.


Spotted Hyena

Crocuta Crocuta

Hyenas are extremely intelligent and social, living in groups of up to 80 individuals, known as a clan or cackle.

Their call sounds a lot like laughter – they do this when they are excited but nervous, when submitting to another hyena or when alerting others about food. Their ‘laugh’ is one of about 12 different vocalisations and their call can be heard 5km away.

YWP were pleased to welcome the arrival of two Hyena cubs in September 2020 and we look forward to seeing the twins venture further as they get older.



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