Guinea Baboons – Papio papio

These old world monkeys from West Africa are extremely intelligent and curious, they love to play and often solve quite complex problems in the wild.

One of the most intelligent species of animals at the park, our baboons utilise complex vocal and visual displays to communicate the feelings and dominance. While here you might see them staring or raising their eyebrows at each other. Dominant males will yawn to show their teeth, displaying their dominance.


Fact File

Conservation Status – Vulnerable

Near Threatened

Location – West Africa

Baboon Map


Habitat loss

Guinea baboons inhabit a very small area in western Africa, their habitat includes dry forests, gallery forests and bush savannas, seasonally locating themselves near permanent water sources. The Guinea baboon reserve at Yorkshire Wildlife Park is designed to mimic the Guinea baboons natural habitat is western Africa, a natural habitat which is getting smaller and smaller. Due to their small range, Guinea baboons are now classified as “near threatened” by the IUCN.


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