Atlantic Forest

Embark on a journey through Atlantic Forest!

Atlantic Forest

Atlantic Forest is our new three-part reserve, celebrating the Amazon’s lesser known cousin and three of the South American species that live there.

Bush Dogs

These wonderful carnivorous mammals are endemic to South America and in the wild hunt in family packs. They live in lowland forest and river habitats and have evolved partially webbed feet to help them swim better.

Lowland Tapir

Say hello to the fascinating Lowland Tapir. You will quickly notice their unique nose and upper lip which combine into a flexible snout to help pick up fruits and grab leaves in lowland forest. Their neck is protected by a thick spikey mane and they are closely related to Rhinos and Horses!

Maned Wolf

With a thick red coat and distinctively long legs to help them spot prey in their tall grassland habitat the Maned wolf are neither a wolf nor a fox. Maned wolves are often very solitary animals’ endemic to Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina. They primarily eat a diet made up of small mammals, fruits and vegetables.

Also New for 2021 The Yorkshire Hive  

From April 2021 you will enter Yorkshire Wildlife Park through our new entrance. Here you will get your first glimpse of the Yorkshire Hive. This is a phased development which is a free to enter shopping, dining and entertainment destination.

There will be coffee shops and leisure shopping here – including some of your favourites who have relocated from the Safari Village plus some amazing new ones as well. We know you will have lots of questions regarding our exciting new entrance so please see below.

🌍 Click Here to see our new entrance location on Google Maps!


The park opens from 9am* until 6pm weekends and school holidays. 10am until 6pm Weekdays outside of school holidays. The park will start to close from 5pm.

* The first week of reopening (12th–25th April the earliest time is 9.15am NOT 9am)

If you have any further questions, please get in touch via e mail at

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