2017 in Pictures

2017 has been another exciting year at Yorkshire Wildlife Park with lost of animal births, special events, new arrivals and much more…

January – Zebras

Grévy’s Zebras welcomed in their first ever New Year at YWP. The most threatened species of Zebra in the world (fewer than 3,000 of them remain in the wild) they became instantly popular with visitors since arriving at the park last year.


February – African Painted Dogs

The birth of a litter of Painted Hunting Dogs was a significant step forward in conservation efforts for one of the world’s most endangered carnivores. The rare wild hunting dogs now enjoy exploring and playing in their 8,000-square metre reserve.


March – Maras

Jack the baby Mara was abandoned by his mother during the coldest month of the year but thankfully YWP keeper Colin took him under his wing. Hand reared miracle Jack has now been integrated into the parks colony of 30 Mara.

Baby Mara

April – Lemurs

Humbug gave birth to two baby Ring-tailed Lemurs and the twins joined the troop of 13 Lemurs in their purpose-built house. 

The Ring-tailed Lemur is considered to be one of the most intelligent of the species with active and curious personalities. They are very vocal and have one of the loudest voices in the animal kingdom.

Lemur Baby

May – Otters

Mora and Alexandra live at the sprawling 2835sq m Giant Otter Reserve – with a vast 2.5m deep lake. The Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation is at the forefront of efforts to preserve the species. 

Giant Otters 

June – Camels

Baby calves Julius and Jeremiah joined four generations of Bactrian Camels.  In the wild, Bactrian Camel numbers have dwindled to below 1,000 in their native Gobi Desert, Asia.

 Baby Camels

July – Tigers

Tshuna, Vladmir, Sayan and Hope, all part of the European Breeding programme, took centre stage at International Tiger Day helping to raise awareness of the beautiful rare Amur tigers. According to records there are only 500 of them left in the wild.

 Amur Tigers

August – Rhinos

Dayo and Hodari developed a bromance after being introduced and the pair are now inseparable. The critically endangered Black Rhinos population in Africa has declined by 96% but numbers have recently started to increase thanks to conservation projects. The Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation has funded two key Save The Rhino projects in Kenya.

 Black Rhinos

September – Giraffes

Jengo the Giraffe celebrated his 5th birthday. The youngest and cheekiest Giraffe in the all-male tower lapped up the attention from visitors. Reticulated Giraffe numbers have declined by almost 80% over the last 30 years.

 Giraffes "Into Africa!"

October – Halloween/Meerkats

There were lots of thrilling events for visitors on Halloween and all the animals, including YWP’s Meerkats, joined in the spooky fun! The Meerkats live in a unique purpose-built reserve replicated to the South African desert landscape.

 Meerkat with Pumpkin

November – Warty Pigs

Two rare Visayan Warty Pigs, who are on the critically endangered list, thrilled visitors. Trish and Troy are settling well into their new home in the woods.

 Warty Pigs

December – Polar Bears

Victor, Nissan and Nobby were the birthday boys and tucked into their treats as they celebrated with a special Polar Party! The trio, plus 5 year old Pixel, are the country’s only group of Polar Bears and live at the incredible reserve Project Polar which is a unique centre for international conversation.

Polar Bears

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